Mastercard Benefits

Your money belongs in your account, not in our pockets. In addition to competitive credit card rates, VCCU Mastercard credit cards have no annual fee and we do not charge interest for balances paid off within 27 days of the statement closing date.

Plus, your VCCU Mastercard is accepted worldwide at millions of locations and gives you access to amazing benefits:

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Strong security
  • Purchase protection
  • Global travel assistance and concierge services
  • Rental car and personal coverage
  • Identity theft resolution services

View the complete Guide to Benefits for more details.

Young women credit card in sunset
Your Choice of Platinum or Platinum Rewards

What matters most to you in a credit card? Low rates? Great rewards? At VCCU, we’ll help you find the card that’s right for you.

  • Platinum: Our Platinum card offers a lower rate than the rewards card. It’s perfect if you’re financing big-ticket items and want the most affordable monthly payments.
  • Platinum Rewards: With a VCCU Platinum Rewards card, you’ll earn points (one point for every dollar you spend) that can be redeemed for merchandise, airfare, vacation packages and more. 

Looking for a way to build credit? Our Savings-secured card might be
the answer.

  • Choose Platinum Secured or Platinum Rewards Secured
  • Secured by a VCCU savings account
  • Great for building or repairing credit

Ready to apply? Based on if you are a current or new member, select your option to the right of the screen. To learn more, visit our Mastercard FAQ page

All loans subject to approval.

View and Claim Credit Card Rewards

To view and claim your VCCU Mastercard rewards.

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Navigate to the bottom of your Accounts page
  3. Under "VCCU Rewards" click "Get Details or Redeem"
  4. Browse and select from hundreds of rewards options

Donate your Reward Points for a Cause!
From the rewards options page, select "Charities." Choose your favorite cause from a selection of local non-profits and make your donation. Doesn't that feel good?

VCCU Credit Card Services

When it comes to credit cards, convenience is key. Here are just a few of the ways a VCCU credit card can make your life easier:

  • Travel Notes: Let us know up to 60 days in advance when traveling outside your local area. The travel note alerts us so that we know it's you using your VCCU Debit or Credit Card, while we continue to monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity. 
  • Fraud Alerts: For added security, you will receive alerts via text message or email if suspicious activity is suspected on your VCCU credit card.
  • Skip-A-Pay: Tight on cash this month? Eligible cardholders have the opportunity to skip one payment every six months (fees and restrictions apply).
  • Credit Card Balance Transfers: Transfer your high-rate card balances to your VCCU Mastercard to take advantage of VCCU’s low interest rates and cut down on your credit card debt. Complete our Credit Card Balance Transfer form to get started.
  • Credit Card Checks: You know that feeling of panic you get when you’re in a place where credit cards aren’t accepted and you don’t have any cash? With a supply of VCCU credit card checks, you’ll never have to feel that again. If you have a VCCU credit card and an available line of credit, these checks act as instant cash.

Control Your Credit Card Debt

Want help managing your credit card debt? As a VCCU member, you have access to free financial education, resources and counseling through our partnership with BALANCE.

For more information on interest rates and fees, please see our Credit Card Disclosure. To learn more about our credit card services, apply or report a lost or stolen card, call 805.477.4000, or visit us at one of our branches in Ventura, Port Hueneme, RiverPark, Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark or Simi Valley, California for more information.