Fee Schedule

Competitive fees for greater value.

At Ventura County Credit Union, we want to give you more for your membership.

As a member owned not-for-profit, our goal is to save you money.

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Fees listed below are effective January 1, 2022.

Download printable 2022 Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Fee Type Fee
Account research and reconcilement
(per hour; 1 hour minimum)
Dormant or inactive account/monthly
(after 12 months of inactivity)
Escheatment notice $2.00
Returned mail/monthly
(assessed after 30 days if not updated)
Fee Type Fee
Cashier’s checks $5.00
Foreign wire fee $50.00
Money order $5.00
Incoming wire (per wire) $10.00*
Outgoing FRB wire $30.00
Fee Type Fee
Check copies
(first two free per month)
Check cashing: Members No fee
Check cashing: Non-members $5.00
Checking inactive/monthly
(after 6 month of inactivity)
Corporate checks: Copy of check $2.00
Corporate checks: Check issuance $5.00
Corporate checks: Stop payment $20.00
Holiday account withdrawal
(January 1 – October 31)
International check cashing fee $25.00
IRA annual trustee fee $20.00
IRA savings early distribution/withdrawal/trustee to trustee transfer fee $15.00
MMA below minimum balance/monthly $5.00
MMA excess transactions
(each; after 6 withdrawals or transfers including checks and paper drafts)
Monthly service charge: Regular checking No fee
Monthly service charge: Second Chance checking with Direct Deposit $5.00
Monthly service charge: Second Chance checking without Direct Deposit $12.00
Stop payment $25.00
Stop payment (ACH) $25.00*
Temporary checks (after initial order) $4.00
Zeal checking (age 55+) No fee

Where available

Fee Type Fee
Member’s personal use 5%
Non-members 10%
Fee Type Fee
CO-OP network and VCCU ATMs use No fee
Out-of-network ATM use $2.00
Replacement debit/ATM card (per card) $5.00
Stop payment debit/credit card transactions $20.00
Fee Type Fee
Bill Pay No fee
Mobile Banking No fee
Online Banking No fee
Fee Type Fee
Benefits Plus monthly fee
(free with Zeal checking)
Medallion signature service $20.00
Member fee for new or rejoining (18 +)
Includes tax deductible donation of $10 to The Foundation of VCCU
Notary fee per signature for non-credit union documents $15.00
Fee Type Fee
Mortgage demand fee $30.00
Mortgage subordination fee $150.00*
Loan payment by phone $15.00
Processing levies, garnishments, etc. $50.00
Fee Type Fee
Courtesy Pay (per overdraft)** $30.00
Non-sufficient funds per returned item $30.00
Overdraft transfer from checking/share $2.00
Overdrawn account $30.00
Returned item (electronic check by phone) $35.00
Third party returned item (per item) $15.00
Member check drawn on another financial institution deposited and returned $25.00
Fee Type Fee
Copies of account statements (each) $5.00
Periodic statement fee (18-65; monthly): Electronic No fee
Periodic statement fee (18-65; monthly): Paper $3.00*


VCCU is a full-service, Southern California credit union with branches in Ventura, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, RiverPark, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and Moorpark. If you live, work or attend school in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties, you are eligible to join



*Denotes changes effective 1/1/2022

Other product/service specific fees may apply, but will be disclosed at account opening. Fees are subject to change.

**A fee applies for the payment of each overdraft that occurs when you have insufficient available funds to cover a transaction. Opting in to Courtesy Pay will cover the transaction if you overdraw your available balance by any of these: checks and other transactions made using your checking account number; automatic bill payments; ATM transactions; non-recurring debit card transactions. Coverage up to a $1000 limit; ($500 minimum). Qualifications apply. Members will have up to 30 days to make a deposit to their account to repay the overdraft. By selecting this coverage, members acknowledge that any deposit made into their checking account after an overdraft occurs will in effect repay the overdraft balance whether the funds are from an automated payroll deposit, social security deposit or other automated deposit or deposit by check. Standard Overdraft protection for members who do not opt-in for Courtesy Pay, includes checks and other transactions made using a checking account number and automatic bill payments and is subject to the non-sufficient funds fee.