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GAP Advantage with PowerBuy™

Protects your investment in your new or used vehicle in the event it is totaled or stolen and not recovered. GAP Advantage with PowerBuy™ pays the difference between what the insurance company covers and the outstanding balance on your auto loan. And, you get a credit toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle financed at VCCU. For additional details, call VCCU at 805.477.4000 today.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Insure the mechanical well-being of your new or used vehicle at a cost much less than what dealers usually charge. Call us today at 805.477.4000 for more information on low-cost peace of mind.

Is your dream car earth friendly, too?

Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle can save up to $500 in fuel costs per year, adding up to thousands of dollars over a vehicle’s lifetime. At www.fueleconomy.gov you can estimate the annual fuel cost of a specific make and model, calculate the cost based on your driving preferences and local gas prices, find out a vehicle’s EPA air pollution score and more.

This resource, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy, lists the most and least fuel-efficient models in each class, gives helpful tips on improving the fuel economy of your current vehicle and is a valuable information source on the performance and tax incentives of hybrid-electric, electric and other alternative fuel vehicles.

California Lemon Law Protection

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly called the “Lemon Law” provides car buyers with important rights. If your new car has problems that the dealer is unable to repair after a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer is required to promptly replace the vehicle or refund your purchase price. To be protected under the Lemon Law, you must have bought your car in California and it must be under the original warranty. For more information log on to www.dmv.ca.gov and search Lemon Law.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book, known as "the resource" in car pricing, also provides great information including:

  • New car previews
  • Decision guides, advice and helpful tips
  • Used car retail and trade-in values
  • New car pricing and incentives
  • Lemon-check list of the cars you'll probably want to avoid
  • Motorcycle retail and trade-in values