See how Early Payday direct deposit benefits you.

What is Early Payday?

Early Payday from Ventura County Credit Union lets you receive your paycheck or one-time electronic deposits up to two days early.

When your employer, Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service will be sending you funds, VCCU is alerted that funds will soon be transferred. Once we get this notification we will make the funds available to you in your checking account or savings account.

Early Payday FAQs

If you already have direct deposit of your paycheck to your VCCU account, there’s nothing you need to do and Early Payday will be automatic. If you aren’t using direct deposit, we’ve created an easy form you can submit to your employer. To set up direct deposit of your Social Security check, click here to learn more. You will need our Routing Number (322283505) and your VCCU account number.

No, it’s just your pay available to you sooner.
No, this a free service for all VCCU members in good standing.
You can set up an alert in Online Banking to be notified when funds have been deposited.
No, we cannot guarantee this due to delays in confirmation that your funds have been transferred. The early date your funds become available may change with each deposit. For this reason, we suggest you do not alter your automatic bill payment dates in anticipation of an early deposit.
Some direct deposits may not be eligible, depending on the type of deposit. Examples of funds available early include payroll, Social Security, tax refunds, or retirement funds.
We will process your deposit on the first business day that we receive notification of your upcoming deposit.

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