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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As part of our ongoing efforts to employ the latest in Internet security technology, we have incorporated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) into Ventura County Credit Union’s Online Banking, our Internet-based banking service. MFA is a series of technology tools for Online Banking that help protect your account from fraudulent transactions. Additional authentication factors, combined with your log in ID and password, provide additional layers of security. Most of these security enhancements are happening automatically and will not require any action on your part. MFA security includes a variety of monitoring activities. For example, one feature tracks the type of computer you typically use to access your account. If you sign on to Online Banking from the same computer on a regular basis and then log on to a different computer, you'll notice some additional security measures. We may ask you some questions to verify your identity before allowing you to sign on. With these extra layers of security in place, your account information has added protection.

Setting up your account for MFA is easy! In the first step, Online Banking users will be asked to choose 3 different questions from a list and create answers for those that only you would know. In the second step, you will be asked to select a passmark image and create a passmark phrase. This is a phrase that you provide. After you have completed this, it will be displayed each time you sign on to Online Banking immediately after entering your log in ID. Simply verify that the passmark image and phrase is correct before entering your password. Because this is unique to each account, it helps ensure you are signing on to a legitimate Ventura County Credit Union website. In addition, we use state-of-the-art software and other technologies to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our systems, especially those accessible from the Internet. Some of the measures we take are very apparent—encryption of sensitive data, password protection, etc. For example, when you sign on to Online Banking from the home page of our website, your log in ID is entered on a page that uses the "https" protocol. Once you click the "Sign On" button, we secure the connection to our servers using Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, then transmit your log in ID. Once received, this information is transported within our systems via an encrypted network.

Ventura County Credit Union uses technology that encrypts or disguises all information during your Online Banking session. If someone were to intercept your data, it would be meaningless and impossible to read or change. Online Banking is indeed safe and is being used by a growing number of Internet users like you. Security has always been a concern when transmitting sensitive information across the Internet. Before financial institutions could make online services available, an infrastructure was designed to keep data safe while it was transmitted from a personal computer to an institution's server.
Ventura County Credit Union's Internet-based account access service (Online Banking) uses today's leading Internet technologies to bring account accessibility to your fingertips. Several technologies are employed to make your Online Banking session easy, secure and functional. Two key components of our service are JavaTM and SSL. Java technology from Sun MicrosystemsTM is heavily employed throughout the interface to perform functions that make navigation easy. To ensure that your information is secure at all times, Ventura County Credit Union runs Online Banking on a secure server utilizing SSL encryption. This encryption system from RSA Data Security, Inc. "disguises" data sent from your computer to our server. This keeps personal information secure and confidential while in transit. All Online Banking activity is securely sent using SSL to a server on The Ventura County Credit Union's network. You can make a full range of account transactions safely and easily right from your personal computer.
  • Do NOT use your browser's BACK or FORWARD buttons.
  • Do NOT double click.
  • ALWAYS click LOG OUT when finished.
  • Online Banking times out after 20 minutes of inactivity.
  • Click on the section of the screen you want printed.
  • Select PRINT from your browser's toolbar (or FILE > PRINT).
SSL encryption technology emerged as the industry standard for securing data while it travels across the Internet. SSL is used worldwide in online stores, credit unions, banks, and an all other websites where information from an individual needs to be kept confidential.
  • Confidentiality: Your information is guaranteed confidentiality because of the encryption process and cannot be decrypted by anyone but you. If an encrypted message is somehow intercepted, it will be unreadable by the third party.
  • Integrity: If someone were to intercept your Online Banking activity, it would not decrypt properly. Ventura County Credit Union would then be alerted to the fact that the message had been tampered with by a third party.
  • Authentication: Ventura County Credit Union has been certified with a secure certificate from VeriSign to communicate with you, the member, with SSL technology. Digital certificates act as a digital ID to ensure users or computers are authentic.
Ventura County Credit Union Credit Union is committed to providing you with an enjoyable online experience. Clicking through our website will provide you with comprehensive information on our financial products and services, as well as ensure that the privacy and security of your personal information is protected. Ventura County Credit Union does not sell any of your personal information to nonaffiliated third parties.

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer while visiting certain sites on the Internet. Cookies help websites keep track of personal preferences and recognize return visitors. An example of the use of cookies is when sites greet you personally or post a list of what you most recently purchased.

Ventura County Credit Union uses cookies to enrich your online experience and give it a personal touch. On this website, a temporary cookie may be placed on your computer to see which product pages you viewed most frequently. The cookies are not used to collect or store information on you, but will bring up targeted content on our home page the next time you visit our website based on which pages you viewed most frequently during your prior visit.

You can prevent cookies from being placed on your computer by accessing your browser's preferences menu and deleting existing cookies. There also are commercial programs available to help you manage or disable cookies; however, you should be aware that when cookies are not enabled, the supplemental services on our online account service—Online Banking, Bill Pay and our online loan application—will not work properly.

Ventura County Credit Union does not endorse or guarantee the products, information or recommendations provided by linked sites. Ventura County Credit Union is not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on linked sites. Third-party websites may provide less online security than the Ventura County Credit Union website. And further, each third-party link may have a privacy policy different than your credit union; thus we encourage you to review each privacy policy for your own protection.

Malware is a major threat to mobile devices with few antivirus options. Malware infection can also occur when a user attempts to unlock or hack a device.

Use caution when downloading apps from sites other than Google Play or the Apple App Store. They can put your mobile device at risk of malware and viruses. Run the latest security and operating system updates in a timely manner and don’t click on links in texts or emails unless you verify the sender.

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