Learn more about becoming a Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunities FAQs

Volunteering to serve on your credit union's Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee can be an extremely rewarding experience. You may find that representing your fellow credit union members not only benefits them but will provide you with valuable knowledge for years to come.
As you likely already know, a credit union is a not-for-profit cooperative that helps its members realize their financial goals and dreams; however, what you might not know is that members are considered "owners" of the credit union, and as such, elect other members to serve on the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee. These groups are involved in setting credit union policies, objectives and long term goals, as well as safeguarding financial assets. Once elected, these volunteers have the opportunity to share their business experiences, leadership skills and management capabilities in a team effort – and in turn, are afforded an opportunity for professional and personal development.

When running for a vacant volunteer position all that is required of you is to be a member in good standing and to file a nominations petition when asked to do so.

Each year the Board of Directors appoints a nominating committee who will review a list of nominees and select the individual(s) who possess the skills and experience necessary for the position.

Volunteers must maintain a balanced focus on serving member needs while preserving the financial strength and long term viability of the credit union. Below are some important factors to consider "prior" to becoming a credit union volunteer:

  • Be familiar with credit union products and services.
  • Understand the economics and social conditions affecting the credit union.
  • Be committed to attending scheduled meetings and educational programs offered by the credit union.
  • Be a member in good standing and utilize VCCU for your primary financial accounts.
  • Act as an ambassador for your credit union. Pay attention to the needs and wants of fellow members as well as the community at large, and report your findings to credit union management.
The credit union also stresses the importance and relevance of education to our volunteers. Every year the credit union provides each director with several opportunities to attend educational forums. These opportunities however may require some overnight travel as participants learn about new trends and developments that are occurring throughout the credit union movement.
For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Ruth Morris at [email protected].