Save you money

Summer Loans make fun affordable

Whether you’re thinking vacation or staycation, we make it affordable. Until August 31, our Summer Loan is available as low as 6.95% APR* — that’s 2% lower than our already-low personal loan rate. So, take the break you deserve.

It’s also a great way to consolidate high-cost bills, or get a jump on back-to-school shopping. Choose your amount and see how our Summer Loan’s excellent rate fits your monthly budget:

  • $500 for just $43 per month
  • $1,000 for just $87 per month
  • $5,000 for just $130 per month

Apply online or at any branch. Hurry! Like summer, this rate won’t last.

*Annual Percentage Rate effective 7/1/22, is a promotional rate available through 8/31/22, and subject to change.  Subject to credit approval and APR you receive will be based upon your creditworthiness. Payment amounts are for illustration only. Other restrictions may apply. Click here for details.

Person at gas station

Extra Rewards at the gas pump and when paying bills

Now through September 30, 2022, you can maximize your rewards.

5x rewards for gas + road trip snacks

When you use your VCCU Platinum Rewards Mastercard, you’ll earn 5 points for every dollar you spend at a gas station. 

10x rewards when paying recurring bills

When you use your VCCU Platinum Rewards Mastercard for recurring payments you can earn 10 points for every dollar you pay. Think about all the Rewards points you can earn just for paying these and other bills:

Not carrying our Platinum Rewards Mastercard?
Apply now and start racking up the value and rewards.

Promotions may end at any time. Five (5) points per dollar awarded for approved fuel stations merchant codes 5172, 5541, 5542 only. Ten (10) points per dollar awarded for approved merchant codes 4814, 4816, 4899, 4900, 6300, 5968, 8699 only. No points awarded for cash advances, balance transfers, returned items, ATM withdrawals or fees. Points are automatically posted to your account immediately. Transaction amounts will be totaled and rounded accordingly.

To check your Rewards point balance or to redeem points, log into your VCCU Online Banking account and select “VCCU Rewards” located under the “Accounts” menu. If you prefer to redeem by phone you can call the VCCU Rewards Redemption Center at 855.445.6523.

Dog walker

How to use Zelle® to safely pay others

Do you know and trust the person you’re sending money to?
Payments can’t be canceled if the other person is already enrolled with Zelle®.

Does anything seem suspicious about the payment you’re making?
Is the recipient expressing extreme urgency or claiming to be from your bank? Are you paying in advance for event tickets or a puppy you found online? In any of these scenarios, it’s best to choose a different form of payment.

Are you treating Zelle® like cash?
Money moves fast with Zelle®. Make sure you enter your recipient’s U.S. mobile number or email address correctly.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Person at gas station

Smart ways to save gas

We’re all looking for ways to save gas. Here are some tips to stretch your gas dollar.

Click three times
After each fill-up, make sure your gas cap clicks three times. If you don’t, fuel can evaporate.

Check your tires
Underinflated tires can decrease your gas mileage by 3%. Check your tire pressure at least monthly and in the morning when tires are cool. You can confirm your tire’s proper cold tire pressure on the tire itself.

Lighten the load and remove the seats
Excess weight in your trunk or on the roof costs you in reduced mileage. If you’re driving a large SUV or minivan, removing the third row seat eliminates over 100 pounds. 

Foot off the gas
Gas mileages decreases rapidly over 60 mph. Simply reducing your speed by 5 or 10 mph can improve fuel economy by 7% to 14%. Avoid extreme acceleration too.

Let technology help
If your car has instant driver feedback through in-vehicle displays, use it. This information can teach you to drive more efficiently and what behaviors affect fuel economy.

Father talking with son

Estate Planning with a Trust

Whether you're seeking to manage your own assets, control how your assets are distributed after your death, or plan for incapacity, trusts can help you accomplish your estate planning goals. 

What is a trust?
A trust is a legal entity that holds assets for the benefit of another. You can put practically any kind of asset into a trust, including cash, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, real estate, and artwork. The assets you choose to put in a trust depend largely on your goals. These can include generating income, creating an accessible pool of cash to pay outstanding expenses or to provide for your family.

Why create a trust?
Since trusts can be used for many purposes, they are popular estate planning tools. Trusts are often used to:

  • Minimize estate taxes
  • Avoid the expense and delay of probating your will
  • Preserve assets for your minor children
  • Set up a fund for your own support in the event of incapacity

You may want to discuss the pros and cons of setting up any trust with your attorney and financial professional before you proceed.

For help getting started, RSVP for our next Living Trust and Estate Planning webinar. Presented by Ventura County Credit Union in partnership with Affinity Trusts, you will learn how to:

  • Avoid the pitfalls of using joint ownership as a way to transfer property
  • Choose the right person to make decisions for you in case of a medical emergency
  • Nominate guardians and provide for minor children
  • Distribute assets according to your wishes
  • Establish a living trust to avoid probate

Living Trust and Estate Planning

Family at airport

Keep your accounts secure

Identity thieves don’t take a summer break. The good news is we’re always working hard to keep your accounts safe and there are steps you can take, too.

First, be sure to update your Online Banking profile with your current mobile number and e-mail address so we can reach you quickly.

Next, be sure to use two-factor authentication whenever possible. This second layer of protection makes it much harder for identity thieves because a password alone isn’t enough to gain access to your accounts.

Finally, remember that we will NEVER call, text, or email you asking for your Account Number, Password, Social Security Number, or PIN. If you receive such a communication, delete the message without clicking or responding — it's a scam. We will only ask you to provide this information when you contact us. If you have any questions, call us or stop by any branch.

Travel Notes before you take off
Planning to travel outside your home area? Adding a Travel Note to your account before you go helps ensure your transactions aren’t interrupted. Simply log in to VCCU Mobile Banking, click on the menu icon, and select Travel Notes. Enter your beginning and ending date, select the card(s) you’ll be using on your trip, and where you’ll be traveling.

Fresh webinars all summer

Have you attended any of our free webinars? This summer is the perfect time to check them out from anywhere.

JULY — Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a great way to boost income — if done wisely. To help investors turn a profit, we’ll cover the pros and cons of different properties, resources for finding investment opportunities, and financing options.

AUGUST - Raising a Money Smart Kid

Earning money, spending and saving are important lessons children learn very early on in life. This session will help guide parents on effective ways to educate children about financial responsibility that can last a lifetime.

SEPTEMBER — Personal Finance for College Students​

College years are a prime time for young adults to learn about finances and plan for their future. Attendees will learn how to use credit wisely, tools to develop a positive credit history and score, create and manage their own budget, ways to track spending, and options for student loan repayment.

Visit our website as we regularly add new events. 

Brenda Morris

Remembering Brenda Morris

We want to acknowledge the passing of long-time VCCU member and volunteer Brenda Morris. Brenda served on the Supervisory Committee for many years before joining the Board of Directors in 2001. Her love for the credit union was deep and her belief in people helping people was part of her core.

Brenda was honored and proud to have the Atrium at our Ocean View Corporate office dedicated to her and Bill Frank.

Exclusive Ventura County Fair discount tickets

VCCU Member Day is Monday, August 8, 2022

We’re so excited to be the official Credit Union of the Ventura County Fair, which returns this year at the Ventura County Fairgrounds August 3 through 14, 2022. Details about discounted VCCU member tickets will be on our website, social media channels, and in your email soon. We can’t wait to see you at the “County Fair with Ocean Air” again.

August Blood Drive

Did you know that every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood for a critical surgery or emergency? The Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade, and donations are urgently needed. That’s why we’re partnering with them to host ongoing blood drives and we hope you’ll sign up and bring a friend!

Wed, August 31, 9 am to 3 pm at 2575 Vista Del Mar Drive, Ventura

Sign-up Here: opens in new window

Youth Month contest winners

Thank you to all the kids who participated in our “Save Small. Dream Big” Youth Month events. Congratulations to youth members Maya R., Layla U., Vincent V., and Ilani R. who each won a $25 deposit into their savings account.

Phone system upgrades

We will be upgrading and enhancing our phone system in the coming weeks. Please watch your email, visit our website, or our social media channels for updates.

If you opt out, you may miss out

We never sell your information to any third parties, but you may occasionally receive mailed offers tailored to your needs from TruStage, our trusted insurance partner. If you’d prefer not to receive their mailed offers, our Privacy Policy explains how to opt out. Please be assured that you will still receive direct credit union-related mailings. Please note that there is no need to complete an opt-out request more than once and you may opt in at any time. VCCU respects your in-box and only sends e-mails with timely information. Please know if you opt out of these e-mails, you may miss out on important news and events. You may not opt out of receiving any account related mail or emails including statements or service alerts.