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Top Three Credit Union Myths Debunked

by VCCU | Oct 24, 2018

Credit unions have been providing financial services to consumers in the United States since 1909. Despite their long history of helping members achieve their financial goals, credit unions are sometimes misunderstood. At VCCU, we want to help dispel some of the misconceptions that keep people from joining. In this post, we’ll bust three of the top credit union myths we commonly hear.

1. Credit unions are hard to join.

Because credit unions serve specific communities, there are eligibility requirements to join. But the requirements are broad and typically based on factors like where you live, where you work, what organizations you’re affiliated with and whether you have family members who already belong. With thousands of credit unions across the country, you’ll likely find one in your community that you’re eligible to join. And the application process is fast and easy.


2. I’ll have limited access to my money.

Since credit unions typically have fewer branches than large regional or national banks, many people believe it’ll be difficult to access their money if they become a member. That’s why credit unions across the country joined forces to create a network of more than 5,000 shared branches that allow members of one credit union to do their banking at another.

Plus, a network of nearly 30,000 ATMs across the United States and 13 countries lets you access your money without paying a surcharge. And online and mobile banking capabilities offer a convenient and flexible way to bank from anywhere in the world.


3. Credit union products are limited.

Just because your local credit union may be smaller than the bank down the street, that doesn’t mean it’s any less secure or can’t meet your financial needs. Credit unions offer the security and protection you expect from your financial institution, while providing a wide range of financial products and services.

VCCU along with most credit unions is federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which insures accounts in all federal credit unions and most state-chartered ones. The protection is equivalent to the protection banks receive from the FDIC. And you’ll get access to a wide range of depository accounts, loan products and financial experts who will personally work with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

To find out more about how you can start enjoying the benefits of credit union membership, you can reach a member of our team at 805.477.4000 or visit us at one of our 8 local branch locations

What We Offer

Whether you’re opening your first savings account or need help navigating mortgage options, our pros will provide you with the information, guidance, and confidence you need to make your financial goals a reality. Some of our services include:

  • Accounts: Savings, checking, ATM cards, money markets, IRAs, bill pay and more
  • Credit and Lending Services: Credit cards, auto loans, insurance, personal loans, home loans, mortgage rates, and more
  • Investment Portfolios: Seize opportunities to expand and strengthen your investment portfolio

This is just the beginning of what we have to offer for our members.


Unlike banks, we are not-for-profit which means we do not report to (or make money for) any stock holders. That means we can pass on that savings to you, the member, in the form of:

  • Lower loan rates
  • Lower fees
  • Higher interest on deposits
  • & Much more!

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