BalanceTrack, a personal finance education program.

These education modules will guide you through the core aspects of personal financial management. By completing these courses, you are moving toward financial success while demonstrating your commitment to sound money management.
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Calling all kids!

We are pleased to introduce Googolplex, an online youth education program that use games, stories, calculators, and more to encourage kids from 6 through 18 to gain the skills and knowledge they need to manage their money.

Ever wonder: Which is worth more—a 1978 Boba Fett action figure or a 1989 Hot Wheels Lamborghini? If the U.S. could run out of money? Who's taking money out of your paycheck?

You'll find the answers to these and a googol of other questions by reading our guide for student moneymakers.

Googolplex contains stories, games, and puzzles for elementary, middle, and high school students. It's all about money—getting it, saving it, spending it, borrowing it. It'll show you how business and the economy work and how you can take control of your financial future. And it'll make you laugh.

Log on to Googolplex today. And come back regularly. You'll find something new each month. It's just one more way Ventura County Credit Union can help you make the most of your money.

  • 5 Spot is the place for elementary school kids
  • AJs speaks to middle school students
  • C-Note is geared to teens in high school

MoneyMixTM is written for, and by, people between the ages of 18 and 30. We recognized the need for this generation to do something about how they handled money and wanted to help. So, we joined with some friends at the Credit Union National Association and MoneyMix was developed. We wanted to do a website and we wanted it to be useful so we threw in some interactive tools like Save-to-Buy and Easy Budget, not to mention the checklists and the ability to select your favorite articles. Oh, and we wanted the stuff on the site to be RELEVANT. There are definitely a ton of finance-related websites out there… but how many of these sites focus specifically on YOUR needs? And isn’t it nice to have a reliable place to go for that info? Click here to enter the MoneyMix. While you are there, take some time to set up your MoneyMix and learn how joining VCCU is just the beginning of a lasting financial partnership.